Elder Andrew Page Tragically Dies In A Bike Accident In The California Arcadia Mission On October 9, 2013. He Was Only 18 Years Old. At Least The13th Mormon Missionary To Tragically Die This Year!

Andrew’s personal mission blog(lots of great pictures, including the video of when he received his mission call.)

Andrew’s last post, posted on October 9, 2013

 The tragic accident took place around 4:00 P.M. Elder Page was hit while riding on Newburgh Street in Azusa, California. According to his companion, the two were on bicycles and had missed the turn where they were headed. They were turning around when Elder Page stopped for a minute and adjusted his pants leg, then whipped his bike around without looking, after which he was struck by a car.

Elder Page was wearing a helmet when the car hit him. The officer on the scene ruled Page’s death an accident. Elder Page was taken by medical helicopter in critical condition to a nearby trauma center with major injuries, including head trauma, after which he passed away at 10 P.M. The Biking In LA blog notes that Elder Page’s fatality is the 69th bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the 29th in Los Angeles County, compared to 22 in the county for all of last year.

The family is asking that donations be sent directly to their Mormon Bishop, but I’d recommend sending the money directly to them, in case they need it personally. They can always decide for themselves if they need it or they can give it to the Bishop themselves. I don’t know if the church has helped them in anyway(they usually don’t in these situations, thus families have to beg for help to even pay for the funeral, to add insult to injury!), with the transportation or funeral expenses, but it appears they might have, thus why they’re asking for ALL donations to be sent to the Bishop directly, to reimburse him/the church.

Maybe the family paid for it themselves but are just asking for any donations by those that want to help out, be sent to the church, because the family doesn’t need it & of course, are looking out for the POOR Mormon church, that fired all their janitors but can spend $5 BILLION on a NON-PROFIT mall for Jesus & is building a luxury Marriott resort in Hawaii, but can’t pay for missionaries expenses alive or dead. It’s truly a tragedy!!

If the Mormon Hierarchy paid the full cost for EVERY missionary(and gave them ALL good living conditions with uncontaminated food & water..gee, that’d be nice!), it could just come out of their petty cash & would barely dent their bottom line. But why do it when the programmed sheep will pay for it all themselves & they don’t have to?!!

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