To the disgraceful, embarrassing, stupid, not funny & irresponsible DUMB FUCK, PIECE OF SHIT “Wajah” over on RFM; no, I wasn’t the guy waving a shotgun around, who got shot & killed at the MORmON Temple..sorry to disappoint you ASSHOLE!! I also challenge “Wajah” or anyone else to point out where, over the last 5 1/2 years, in any of my numerous websites or my nearly 100 published podcast episodes & nearly 300 blogpost entries or anywhere else I’ve left comments; where I’ve ever encouraged or condoned any type of physical violence against MORmON members, leaders or their buildings.

Good fucking luck losers because you won’t find fact, you’ll find just the opposite. I guess I should’ve posted a comment over on RFM joking about the person being Susan I/S’s husband or even Eric K. himself..hmm..I wonder how long that comment would have stayed there posted on RFM for all to read? However, once again, anyone can say anything about me, no matter how vile, disgusting or offensive & it’s perfectly fine as Susan I/S, Eric & their crony, lapdog moderators all look the other way & smile, being the disgusting & vile pieces of shit that they all are.

To be honest, I have great concerns for those fucked in the head, mentally unbalanced people out there that take the automatic leap from “he speaks strongly, uses strong words & is very angry about the MORmON CULT & what it did to him, his family & friends..therefore he will soon be waving a shotgun around & murdering innocent people in cold blood”..I mean seriously, WTF?!!

So I suppose that Richard Dawkins will one day soon be murdering masses of innocent religious people from all faiths, in a blinding, uncontrolled rage of fury since he detests all organized religion & speaks out strongly about it, right? Where do you fucking twisted people come from..that’s don’t have a fucking brain or any logical thought processes because I guess MORmONISM, your new found Christianity or poor parenting when you were a child has taken that very basic ability away from you.

Then again, maybe you just don’t have the brain cells & never have & were just born stupid, thus why you should just return to MORmONISM if you’ve left & be good little sheep..LOL!

But my real concern for these fucking losers is that THEY are actually the ones who will actually snap & do what they claim I will do, since THEY are the ones making this automatic leap from strong words, expression & opinion into COLD-BLOODED MURDER!!!!(Would you same bastards that attack me, also attack feminists & those in charge of the Civil Rights Movement, of being capable of cold-blooded murder, simply because they spoke/speak out strongly for these basic human rights?)

I believe that THEY(those who falsely accuse me) are the ones who will end up burning down a church or temple or waving a gun around oustide of a temple or entering a Bishop’s office & shooting him dead in cold blood or killing their family.

It’s a scary thought but I believe that these people are the future murderers & arsonists in the making & may not even realize it, thus why I’m trying to help them out by pointing this out. Anyone that can make that easy & automatic jump with someone else who is a complete stranger, can easily make that jump themselves in their personal live(since that’s how their fucked up brains work) & probably shouldn’t be walking the streets & need to be locked up before they cause any harm to anyone else.

It’s amazing lately how I get along better with die-hard, fanatical MORmON CULTISTS than Ex-MORmONS like these vile assholes over in RFM..the cesspool of Ex-MORmONISM!!!! What a complete disgrace that fucking place is!! Oh & I include every single fucking person that read the above comment about me over in RFM & never even had the fucking balls or human decency to care or speak out & say that it was wrong, including those that even didn’t even bother to leave a comment at all. Remember dumb fucks…sins of commission & omission…yeah, well that applies here!

If I was even allowed to comment in RFM & was a regular participant in that shithole & I saw someone make that comment even about Infymus(Here’s a link to his debate with Daniel C. Peterson), Steve Benson, Measure76(Karl Butcher), Chino Blanco(Jason Echols), the complete asshole James Hill(Mercury/Vegasbright), pretending to be all nice & loving now to MORmONS..LOL or other nasty Ex-MORmONS that I’ve had public disputes with over the years..I’d step in & tell them that they were way out of line & should apologize & retract that offensive comment. Someone getting shot & killed isn’t something that any normal fucking human being jokes about, especially wondering if the person was someone in particular & specific, that everyone knows online.


So thanks Susan I/S/Eric/RFM for proving once again that EVERYTHING I’ve ever said about you & your fucking RFM cesspool of bullshit is true & anyone that disagrees with this obvious double standard & openly supports Eric K & Susan I/S in their bullshit, is an idiot & can go FUCK themselves..yes..FUCK YOU ALL!!(Now all of these pathetic assholes that I speak of can go snicker in a little corner thread over at RFM(100% approved of course by Eric K, Steve Benson & Susan I/S) about what I’ve said, like they always Ex-MORmONS I speak of make MORmONS look like a great alternative..never thought I’d say that!! I think I’d rather deal with lying MORmON apologists than these EX-Mormons I speak of…HOLY SHIT!!